After finding that the brands on the market did not provide adequate protection, Caterpillar® developed its own machine oil, especially for Cat equipment. It is a similar oil thickener that is superior to our competitor's products and provides continuous protection to the machines.


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CAT Grease Types


   CAT Utility Gres
  • General purpose product - used for general lubrication in temperate climates where solid additives are not required.
  • Low speed without excessive temperature or humidity - for low load applications
  • NLGI 2
  CAT 3% Molybdenum Main Application Grease
  • Used for general lubrication in mild climates
  • For light to medium service applications without excessive temperature and humidity
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • NLGI 2

  CAT 5% Molybdenum Extreme Application Grease

  • Resistance to moisture - Resistant to wear caused by fresh water and salt water.
    Reduced Component Wear - Resists softening and continues to protect parts at high loads and high speeds.
    Corrosion Protection - It is resistant to oxidation and protects the metal against corrosion. It does not corrode or corrode steel, copper bearing alloys or conventional gasket materials.
    Low Environmental Risk - Formulated without the use of lead, antimony, zinc, barium, chlorine, phosphorus or free sulfur.
    Semi-synthetic base oil.

  Cat Extreme Application Grease - Desert

  • Cat Extreme Application Grease - Desert
  • Used in heavy duty, wet & extreme heat applications where temperatures are regularly above 90 degrees F +.
  • Thick synthetic based liquid
  • NLGI 2

  CAT Ball Bearing Greases

  • Used for high speed applications and electric motors

  Generator Grease

  • Used for stationary generators

  Cat Hammer Paste (For Crushers)

  • Used in pneumatic hammers with heavy demolition power