• The digger-protective parts protect the main structural parts of the machine against abrasion and damage to the material on which it is working.
  • They transfer the power of the machine to the material to be excavated.
  • They are produced in such a way that they can be easily mounted and removed from the main parts of the machine.
  • Digger-protective parts are manufactured in a wide variety to meet the requirements of the machines in all conditions.
  • Caterpillar® uses high quality steel that meets the chemical and physical metallurgical requirements required for the quality production of digger-protective parts.
  • DH-2 alloy steel is used in the production of many CAT digger-protective parts.

Cat® AdvansysTM Nail and Adapters

The right solution for the toughest jobs!

The new generation of pin-free Digger-protective parts Cat® AdvansysTM FOR MAXIMUM PRODUCTIVITY

Optimize the performance of your wheel loader and hydraulic excavator with Cat Advansys backhoe-protective parts. The newest and most durable Cat system provides the highest efficiency and quickest installation and dismantling time.


Cat Advansys System Benefits:

  • Increased Productivity: Highest productivity with unique nail and adapter features
  • Enhanced Reliability: Caterpillar's most powerful and durable adapters to date
  • Pin-free installation: Fastest pin-free nail removal and installation with no special tools required

Specific Benefits for Hydraulic Excavators:

  • Up to 15% productivity increase in grooving applications thanks to improved nail and adapter geometry
  • The wider top surface reduces friction on the nail and adapter as the nail moves over the soil. Reduced side friction means less force is needed for the bucket to move through the soil.
  • Fuel efficiency
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