Cat® Undercarriage parts work as a powerful system to transport your machine in all terrain conditions. Most importantly, the Caterpillar® track team knows how to help you get the most out of your investment. Considering that 50% of the cost of ownership and use of a crawler machine comes from the walking gear, it is conceivable that you invest in a system that will add the most value to your household.

 In addition, the Walking Team Measurement Program (CTS) is a management program offered by Borusan Makina, which helps customers to use their walking gear as long as possible while at the same time helping them to save time and money. The Walk Team Measurement Program (CTS) is not only a program intended to help a customer measure the walk team and help him manage the walk team, but also provides valuable face-to-face contact with the customer and leads to other spare parts sales resulting from the overall control of the machine.

The Walking Team Measurement Program is designed to help customers manage their walking team systems and reduce their costs by:

  • Improving the built-in value of Cat undercarriage components
  • Reduction of gait control time
  • Quick and accurate analysis of undercarriage wear information
  • To enable them to make informed decisions about care

Positive Pin Retention (PPR)

The Positive Pin Retention Palette has specially developed connections and pins that allow the use of the metal retaining ring. This ring is pressed into the groove between the pin and the connection and locks the joint into the predetermined space in the factory.

  • Prevents gaps (connections out of the pin)
  • The bushing ensures the sealing contact and the preservation of the oil on the insulated and oiled pallet

This special Caterpillar® design is recommended for high loading and impact applications, such as mining, heavy construction, demolition, waste excavation, bending the pallet chain and creating gaps. Machines have wider shoes, Extreme Service shoes or Super Extreme Service shoes should also take into account the Positive Pin Retention Pallet.


Heavy Duty Pallet (HD)

The Heavy Duty Pallet has been developed to meet the needs of employees in harsh work environments. The Heavy Duty Pallet has stronger links, shafts and bushes that significantly compensate for the impact of high impact loads and ground conditions. The Heavy Duty Pallet offers the greatest benefits in hard, high impact applications such as: can extend over about 20 percent:

  • Wood cutting / Re-afforestation
  • Slope inclination work
  • Rocky conditions
  • Any uneven terrain with wide track shoes (especially Low Ground Pressure (LGP) machines)



Built to provide long life and low costs. Cat reels have long wear life, inimitable structural properties and resistance to deformation are provided by special hardening methods. Cat seals increase the service life of the spool to ensure lifetime lubrication, allow sleeve regeneration and reduce maintenance costs.


Traction Segments

Deep hardened for high wear resistance. High surface hardness, excellent hardness depth and core hardness provide the highest service life with long wear life, bending and fracture resistance. The bolt-on design minimizes removal and insertion times.


Pins and Bushings

Designed to fit the links for durability and excellent sealing. Cat pins and bushings are manufactured to ensure the integrity of the track joints in a structure that fully matches the pod dimensions. This design ensures maximum sealing. Resistance and abrasion resistance is provided by high surface and core hardness.



Designed for long life and low costs. Caterpillar hard seal design that keeps external abrasives outside and oil inside provides high wear resistance and load resistance. All these features extend the life of the bushing. Reduces maintenance costs by enabling bushing cycle.


Direction Wheels

Manufactured in a structure that provides high wear resistance and short repair times, each of the Cat direction wheels, which are made of one-piece cast, forged or several parts, provide excellent structural support and are renewed according to the machine features they are used. Special heat treatments ensure proper hardness and wear resistance. Cat seals provide lifetime lubrication, eliminating direction maintenance and reducing maintenance costs.


System One

Since its introduction, the Cat® SystemOne ™ Walking Kit has been tested in some of the most extreme conditions and the harshest environments. SystemOne ™ is a walk-in kit that offers reduced maintenance and increased service life. Its patented design eliminates sleeve turns and joint assembly. Welded end pins prevent pallet joint clearance or loosening, which may result in dry joints and rapid wear. The coupling bearing system offers up to 50% longer service life than conventional designs. Reusable traction gears and center idler gears last up to 2 undercarriage tracks operating life, saving you both repair time and replacement costs.

By redesigning SystemOne ™ from the ground up, we were able to design a running undercarriage that works as a system. Minimizes downtime between maintenance and dozer track tool changes while increasing productivity and lowering ownership and operating costs.