Increase Runtime, Reduce Operating Costs

Simply select the Equipment Management support you need and proactively manage your fleet with Cat® Equipment Management Solutions.

Equipment Management Solutions

Equipment Management Solutions help you manage your equipment and construction sites more effectively.


VisionLink allows you to manage your fleet through satellite systems; breakdown information, hourly fuel consumption, your machine idling and production time you can be aware of, whether weekly or monthly reports and graphs of your machine's total operating hours and fuel consumption is a program where you can make maintenance planning.

With VisionLink, you can maximize downtime of your machines and reduce costs with planned maintenance. Electronic data keeps the health of your equipment constantly and up-to-date. The current data is very useful for taking action without a malfunction. Directly received equipment data allows you to receive advance warning of potential problems. This minimizes damage and reduces repair costs.

Condition Monitoring

Condition Monitoring combines information and reporting on the health status of machines with advanced CAT remote

monitoring systems. Borusan Cat will assist you in solving potential problems before they occur with analysis and

recommendations from experts who are competent in CAT issues.

Free Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis consists of visual inspections and diagnostic tests.

We offer Technical Analysis service, which is completely FREE for the machines that our expert engineers have determined based on the VisionLink and S.O.S. oil analysis data. These analyzes are performed by state-of-the-art test equipment and our technicians who are specialized in line with CAT standards.

Machine Health Reports and Recommendations

The machine health reports contain the valuable information obtained from your machine and the analysis you need to take, as well as the recommendations for maintenance and repair. Data from a variety of sources, including reviews and recommendations from our experts, will help you create records for your machines on a monthly basis.

The information in this report consists of the following headings:

  • Errors, malfunctions and abnormalities that occur in your machines are evaluated by regular monitoring by VisionLink system by our experts and suggestions are given for taking action before failure occurs.
  • Engine, transmission, differential, draw frame and hydraulic system oils can be tested with SOS analysis. Wear in parts, dust ingress, high rate of soot, fuel mixed with oil, loss of oil composition and water leaks mixed with oil are determined and factors that affect the performance of your machine are evaluated to protect against high cost repairs.
  • As a result of technical analysis and diagnostic tests, failures are detected and information is provided for fast results and revision planning is provided. By reviewing the work orders opened for past failures of the machines, the existing indicators are evaluated and the recommendations are prepared as a whole.

All these data are evaluated in detail by the experienced experts of our Condition Monitoring team and reports are prepared in the light of this information and recommendations are provided for you to take action.