The engine parts must withstand high loads and extreme temperatures. Caterpillar®; Cat continuously develops its design and manufacturing technologies to ensure efficient operation and re-use of engine parts as a system. Each test shows significant differences between Cat engine parts and competing parts; Cat engine parts increase engine performance and machine efficiency while minimizing operating costs.



Planned Engine Maintenance
You can minimize your costs and reduce downtime and revision times by applying a planned engine maintenance program, and increase the sale price of your machine. Keep your engine running efficiently for life; As a team, we can provide regular maintenance program by using our wide range of products and services.

By analyzing fault signals, control results, and SOS data, we can identify small problems without causing major damage and out-of-program revisions. By working together, we can increase engine efficiency, extend component life and minimize your operating costs.



Engine Overhaul
The service requirement of your engine will be maintained even if you have a regular maintenance program. Warning signals are hidden, giving the chance of repairing many engine problems before the breakdown. Pre-failure repairs ensure that your machine is at work as soon as possible in accordance with your work schedule at a cost as small as one-fifth of post-failure repairs. We offer you various economic alternatives after the breakdown. Our professional technicians are trained to provide the most cost-effective solutions by interpreting the condition of your engine in the best possible way. With our service using the latest innovations and excellent spare parts support, we ensure that your machine is at work for the most rapid and reliable way.


Lower Engine Overhaul

This option includes the replacement of the main bearings and rod bearings. It is the ideal choice for cases where the wear on the rings and liners is very low and there is wear on bearings and bearings caused by normal use.

It can be done inside the motor housing except for a few machines.
It accounts for about 3-15% of the cost of a new engine.
Revision Packages can help you make your own repairs. All parts are packaged according to your specific engine model. The kits contain only original engine parts - making them a convenient and safe choice.

Top Engine Overhaul


Top Engine Overhaul may be all you need to restore your engine's power and efficiency. It consists of replacing the cylinder head assembly for machines where the cylinder head elements wear out faster than segments, liners and bearings.

It can be run in the motor housing.
It accounts for approximately 12-25% of the cost of a new engine.
Cat Refurbished cylinder heads are available for many engines.

Engine Block Revision

For engines with both cylinder liner and cylinder bearing wear, consider Engine Block Revision.

It accounts for about 30-50% of the cost of a new engine.
The crankshaft and / or cylinder block must not be damaged.

Complete Engine Overhaul

Complete Engine Overhaul may be required for engines that are severely worn or approaching the second overhaul time.

Important components are repaired or replaced.
It accounts for about 40-70% of the cost of a new engine.

Engine Fault Indicators


Fault Indicators   

 Possible Causes


Excessive black smoke at full load

(hot, unburned fuel)

  • Dirty indoor / outdoor air filter
    Running in very high gear
    Excessive fuel consumption
  • Faulty turbocharger
    Technical analysis - Borusan service control
    Borusan Service will meet with the customer

Increased fuel consumption

  • Defective fuel nozzles / nozzles
    Faulty turbocharger
    Dirty air filter
    Improper ignition
    Fuel leak
  • Technical analysis - Borusan
    Service control - Customer and Borusan
    service call
    Tune up settings

Blue smoke (oil consumption)

  • Worn turbocharger seals
    Worn rings / liners
    Worn valve guides
    Engine clock
  • SOS oil analysis
    Component Inspection / Repair
    Revision mark - contact Borusan service

White smoke

(steam; water in the combustion chamber)

  • Cracked cylinder head / or liners
    Leak in cover gasket
  • Contact Borusan service
    Technical Analysis Control

White smoke

(unburned fuel during start-up)

  • Wrong initial start-up process
    Incorrect fuel injection timing
    Defective injector
  • Contact Borusan service
    Tune up settings

Increased oil consumption (excessive blowing)

  • Worn or cracked piston rings / liners
    Worn turbocharger seals
    Worn valve guides
    Engine Hour
  • SOS oil analysis
    Component Inspection / Repair
    Discussion of repair determination
    Revision sign - Borusan service should be discussed with

Abnormal sounds

  • Defective fuel injectors / nozzles
    Faulty turbocharger
    Worn piston pin bushings
    Worn sleeve / main bearings
    Excessive valve movement
  • Technical analysis-Borusan service control
    Borusan service interview with the customer
    Component Inspection / Repair
    Contact Borusan service
    Tune up settings

Lack of power

  • Incorrect adjustment of regulator connection
    Defective fuel injectors / nozzles
    Torque abductions
    Wrong setpoint
    Dirty fuel filter
    The air filter is dirty
    Low quality fuel
  • Technical analysis - Borusan service control
    Technical Analysis-Borusan Service Control
    Tune up settings

Excessive fever

  • Faulty thermostat
    Incorrect adjustment or worn belts / pulleys
    Misuse technique
    Clogged radiator cores
    Insufficient amount of cooling water
    The air filter is dirty
  • Technical analysis - Borusan service control
    Borusan service contact with customer
    Customer / Borusan interview
    Maintenance of the cooling system
    Tune up settings

Stress on first start

  • Defective fuel injectors / nozzles
    Wrong first operation technique
    Worn fuel injector pump
    Missing torque converter
    Low crank rotation speed
    Low quality fuel (low cetane ratio or water in fuel)
  • Technical Analysis-Borusan Service Control
    Tune up settings

Above the oil level full line

  • Coolant / fuel leakage in crankcase
    Wrong oil filling negotiated
  • SOS oil analysis
    Borusan service contact with customer

Metal burrs in the oil filter

  • Crankcase coolant / fuel leak
    Extended oil change period
    Damaged bearings
    Wrong oil usage
    Dirt in the inlet ducts
  • SOS oil analysis
    Borusan service contact with customer