Our external service organization is equipped with the latest technology system infrastructure and is coordinated by our service communication center. It is equipped with the necessary tools and equipment to keep your work machines and units at the maximum level in the field. With more than 100 foreign service tool and serves all parts of Turkey with expert technicians on. It has the experience of providing maintenance, fault detection and repair services under the most demanding conditions from quarry to road construction site, tunnel to earthworks, mine to solid waste facilities, iron and steel slag applications and marble quarries in all kinds of applications in which our customers are working.


Within the scope of Customer Value Agreement (CVA), all periodic maintenance needs of our customers are met in time and in accordance with the product technical requirements by the teams specialized in this subject with customized maintenance tools for preventive periodic maintenance.


Full-time and part-time technician availability services are offered at construction sites where our customers work intensively and expect uninterrupted service.