With S.O.S Analysis save your money!

The S.O.S application, combined with the high performance characteristics of the original Caterpillar® oils and filters, forms the basis for the best possible maintenance program for your Caterpillar machine. You can save money with the application of S.O.S analysis. The results are available within 24 hours after sample acceptance.

S.O.S What is Programmed Oil and Fluid Analysis?

S.O.S programmed oil analysis; to test the ‘used’ oil samples with advanced methods in order to increase the life and efficiency of the machines and to reduce the maintenance and repair costs and to save time.

The ‘used’ oil samples taken from the machine are tested by advanced methods, enabling the machine to make important determinations both for the malfunction and wear of the machine and for the quality of the oil.

Detailed information can be found in the SOS Analysis Brochure.

What are the Benefits of S.O.S Programmed Oil and Fluid Analysis?

  • Problems can be diagnosed early, so that small problems can be repaired before they turn into major failures.
  • Provides effective management of budget by estimating revision time and machine life.
  • It detects positive situations as well as negative situations and prevents costs for non-wearing components.
  • Confirm the suitability of the oil change intervals.
  • Analysis of not only Cat machines and Cat oils, but also other machines and oils can be carried out impartially.