You focus on your business, Borusan Cat takes care of your machines and units!

It is to provide the maintenance and needs necessary for the continuity of the working condition of the machines and units with advantageous agreements.

Thanks to these agreements provided by the professional teams within Borusan Cat, our customers focus on their main business, and do not deal with extra labor, equipment and planning within their own body, and work at maximum efficiency.

Customer value agreements can be created flexibly based on the customer's needs, equipment and applications.

Preventive Maintenance Agreement Preventive Maintenance Agreement Let your machines continue to work efficiently with the Preventive Maintenance Agreement. More information
Maintenance and Repair Agreement Maintenance and Repair Agreement The Maintenance and Repair Agreement covers the entire Preventive Maintenance Agreement, in addition to hiring technicians and repairs. More information
Full Maintenance Agreement Full Maintenance Agreement The Full Maintenance and Repair Agreement is the most comprehensive customer value agreement Borusan Cat offers to its customers. More information