Did you know that 40% of early engine failures are caused by cooling system problems?

Cat coolant supports superior performance equipment and helps protect customer investments. Uses organic additives that extend the life of the coolant without requiring frequent additive maintenance. It provides higher corrosion resistance and longer engine life.


Cooling Fluids Brochure - 1 click to download

Cooling Fluids Brochure - 2 click to download


ELC - Long Life Coolant

Not all filters are the same, Cat® Filters has:

  • Longer lifetime (3x) than conventional coolant
  • Organic base chemistry
  • 40-50% lower cost than conventional coolant

DEAC - Diesel Engine Antifreeze / Coolant

  • Sold concentrate, and some coolant options available for some customers
  • Mix with 50/50 mixture with deionized water
  • Supplied pre-charged with SCA

NGEC - Natural Gas Engine Coolant

  • Long Life Cooling system fluid
  • Provides superior protection against pitting, freezing and corrosion in Cat natural gas engines
  • Longer seal life
  • Protects all metal parts including aluminum
  • Recommended by Caterpillar Lafayette Motor Factory