The Full Maintenance Agreement is the most comprehensive customer value agreement Borusan Cat offers to its customers. In addition to the standards covered by the Maintenance and Repair Agreement; all maintenance, planned revisions and unexpected repairs. Borusan Cat technical team responsible for the machinery and units included in the agreement can learn the problems in advance and make repairs before problems occur.

With this agreement, you can concentrate on your business without considering the uncertainties in maintenance and repair plans.

All maintenance and repairs are guaranteed by Borusan Cat. It is aimed to maximize productivity by using machines and units in the best condition.

All CAT parts are covered by maintenance, repair and labor. Ensuring the highest part availability; reduces your storage, management and operating costs.

Full repair agreements are customer-specific solutions. There are different options for agreement duration and payment.

What Does the Full Maintenance Agreement Cover?

  • Parts and labor in timely repairs and planned revisions
  • All standard elements of Maintenance and Repair agreements
  • Periodic examinations
  • Hydraulic system controls
  • Services of gaiters
  • SOS machine fluid analysis
  • Fault prevention advice
  • Maintenance and repair team