XES120 (60 Hz)

XES120 (60 Hz)

Cat® Compact ESS, is a mobile battery energy storage system that supplements traditional mobile power solutions to reduce noise, enable deployment of renewable energy sources, and, under certain conditions, allow customers to operate their generator more efficiently. Designed for rapid plug-and-play installation and integration, the Cat Compact ESS module can be used with any combination of diesel, natural gas or renewable energy sources such as solar or wind.

Nominal Power 48 kW (60 kVA) 48 kW (60 kVA)
Energy Storage 127.9 kWh 127.9 kWh
Enclosure Rating IP55 IP55

Technicial Specifications

Technical Summary
Nominal Power 48 kW (60 kVA) 48 kW (60 kVA)
Energy Storage 127.9 kWh 127.9 kWh
Application Energy Storage Energy Storage
Environmental Parameters
Enclosure Rating IP55 IP55
Operating Temperature 0° to 50°C (32°to 122°F) 0° to 50°C (32°to 122°F)
Storage Temperature -10° to 50°C (14°to 122°F) -10° to 50°C (14°to 122°F)

Advantages and Features

Energy Control Module

  • Color graphical display (7 in)
  • Simple, user-friendly interface navigation
  • Home screen displaying status and real time power distribution
  • Generator set, battery, load and solar monitoring
  • System information and set-up

Ease of use

  • Connectors and busbars for rapid connection to supply and load
  • Intuitive set-up using on-board controller
  • Automatic switching between generating set power and stored energy

Weather-proof Enclosure

  • Rugged galvanized steel baseframe
  • Powder coated painted panels
  • Lifting eye(s) and fork pockets for easy maneuverability
  • Locks on all accLocks on all access doors
  • Clear access for service and maintenance
  • Exterior emergency stop (E-stop) button

Asset Monitoring

  • Includes telematics hardware for remote monitoroing across cellular network
  • Two-way communication for remote control and equipment monitoring
  • Customer-defined, equipment-based, real-time status updates and alerts
  • Flexible and customer-configurable user interface
  • Fleet management
  • Requires data subscription

Standard Equipment

  • XES120 (60 Hz) Energy Storage System
    • 127.9 kWh Li Ion batteries
    • 48 kW (60 kVA) 208/120 V 60 Hz Inverter
    • Energy Management System with Color HMI Touchscreen
    • Camlock & Busbar Connection
    • NEMA receptacles
    • Maintence charge input
    • Remote monitoring hardware
    • Variable speed forced air cooling
    • Weather-proof enclosure
    • Lifting Eye
    • Fork Pockets