Cat® Filters provide high performance to protect your engine, driveline and hydraulic systems.

Features of Cat Filters:

  • Acrylic grains prevent the filter paper layers from piling on top of each other.
  • The spiral helical filter keeps the paper layers more stable.
  • It has molded end pieces to prevent leaks.

Air Filters

Engine Air Filters

Cat® engine air filters are designed for maximum protection and optimum performance.

In-car air filters

  • Interior air filters provide a cleaner, more comfortable interior environment.
  • Higher efficiency options are available for improved dust and particle reduction.
  • Options are available for improved odor reduction.

Engine Oil Filters

  • Caterpillar offers a full range of filtration options for your Cat engine that maximizes engine oil cleanliness, meets oil drain expectations, and provides the best machine performance and element protection.
  • Standard efficiency – excellent protection and performance for your older Cat engines.
  • Improved efficiency – increased contamination control and high dust holding capacity.
  • Ultra High Efficiency – Provides optimum contamination control in all applications. It is recommended to be used as a cleaning filter after any service work.

Fuel Filters 

Main Fuel Filters / Fuel Water Separators

  • Cat fuel water separators provide the best protection for critical fuel system elements.
  • It purifies free water and most of the dissolved water.
  • Purifies particles as large as 10 microns (and larger) and extends the life of secondary elements.

Secondary Fuel Filters

  • These filters capture the smaller particles that cause the most damage to fuel injectors and other fuel system components.
  • The best protection in the industry with an extremely distinctive design.
  • Captures and holds particles.
  • It ensures that the performance of the engines meets expectations and complies with the required emission values

Hydraulic and Transmission Filters 

Hydraulic Filters

  • Using Cat filters is the best way to reduce hydraulic system contamination and maximize your machine's performance.
  • Gelişmiş Verimlilik – Sert koşullarda iyileştirilmiş sistem temizliği sağlar.
  • Ultra Yüksek Verimlilik – Tüm uygulamalarda optimum kirlilik kontrolü sağlar. Herhangi bir servis işinden sonra temizleme filtresi olarak kullanılması tavsiye edilir.

Transmission Filters

  • Today's transmissions require unique filtration products to protect system elements and maximize performance.
  • Larger dust holding capacity.
  • Better with fewer cases where the filter is exceeded cold weather performance.
  • Optimal efficiency and protection for transmission applications.