Borusan Makina ve Güç Sistemleri, like all Borusan companies, accepts its most valuable capital as human resources. An organization to which colleagues are proud to be a member of, aims to sustain the personal and professional development of the company in the focus of the values ​​and targets of the company and supports the achievements of the employees to reach the highest level.


The Basic Values ​​of Current and Future Members of Borusan ;

Aims excellence: Has the human resources, technical knowledge and equipment that will enable it to do its job in the best way.
Targets and achieves high success: Works result-oriented, keeps its goals high and does not forget the ultimate aim while doing its job.
Is innovative and creative: Is curious, participative and sharing. Follows the requirements of time and supports new ideas and initiatives.
Supports continuous development: Works with a learning and developing business culture.
Makes customers contented: The customer is the main focus. Works with the consciousness of contributing to customers' business and customers with every decision and action they take.
Adds value with quality products and services: Offers the best quality products and services to the customers in all business lines in which it operates.
Listens to the voice of the customer: Foresees changing customer requirements, tries to produce solutions quickly with a proactive approach.
Takes initiative and responsibility: Takes well-calculated risks, turns them into opportunities. Recognizes the contribution of each function to the work and tries to create maximum value from it.
Is reliable: Conducts relations with its employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders and other business partners on the basis of transparency, continuity, mutual trust and honesty.
Competes Fairly: Acts in accordance with the principles of goodwill and understanding in all relationships within the framework of ethical rules and laws, for the purpose of fair, mutual benefit.
Contributes to the society: Supports the cultural development of the society; encourages employees to participate in social responsibility projects; responsible for the environment.