It's time to replace your Cat® teeth with the cat's new Advent system!

Improved productivity

Thanks to the exclusive tooth and gum characteristics you get increased productivity and reduced wear of the new Advens system. This way the teeth are able to last 30% longer.

Enhanced reliability

The most powerful squirrels that have ever produced a caterpillar. The updated type of gums have a much greater viability, thus the adapters are able to last 50% longer.

Simplified installation

The new Advens system gives you the ability to install quickly. The shutter does not require any additional tools, which significantly reduces installation and removal time. Thus the period of tooth replacement is reduced by 75%. The new Advens system is designed for both cat and other brands of equipment.

Special offer!

If you buy a new cat accessory system, get your gums as a gift.

  • Get 15% discount if you buy 3 or more sets
  • Get 20% discount if you buy 5 or more sets.

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* Please note that promotion time is limited.